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Daily-Events is the most complete and informative events guide in the world

There are nearly 200 countries and more then 2 500 000 million cities, towns and settlements in the world. Every single day and probably every single hour something happens somewhere in these cities. Daily-Events has a mission to know nearly everything that is happening in the world in every its corner and deliver full information to all people about it.

Daily-Events is a part of Simplpeople Community, which delivers information and services, such as this website, to all people, so they could be more happy, encouraged, inspired and more productive, because they could save their time and get more profit out of it.


When Daily-Events delivers the greatest benefit?

Weekend Creation

Not only weekend, actually. With Daily Events you can plan your evening or whole month or year. You can also plan your vacation. Just choose where you want to go

Event Promotion

Creating a massive performance? Want more visitors at your upcoming event? Daily Events can fit all your needs. Learn more how to promote your event

Business Promotion

Have a great and interesting product? Need to reach more clients and customers? Learn more about how Daily Events can help you promote your business 


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