Global Events Guide


How Daily-Events Can Help Grow Your Business?

Daily Events is a global platform containing nearly all events in the world and providing all known information about each of them witch gives it a  fast-growing day by day loyal worldwide audience. In this regard if you need to promote your brand or your product or your upcoming event you may choose and then order one or several options below to run your advertising campaign. Next up you will find 4 reasons to do it, because Daily-Events is:

How To Start Advertising On Daily-Events?

Daily-Events is a part of Simplpeople – The Global Digital Ecosystem. As well as wide range of advertising options to choose Simplpeople provides high-quality service and real-time support for all companies and partners. All campaigns and offers to Daily-Events advertisers and partners are being checked and then complied by Simplpeople in order to make sure they will deliver necessary effect in the end. Below you can check the average traffic, conversion statistics and banner placements with personal statistics as well. Click "Learn More" button to get more information about each particular placement or click "Order Campaign" to book dates and placements. All information and bookings are provided on Simplpeople website, so you will be redirected.

Average Website Statistics

* One week campaign

Average Reach

4 500

Average Number of Clicks


Average CTR, %


Where To Place Banners?

Depending on how massive you want  your advertising campaign to be you may choose different advertising formats and placements – classic banner, side banner, fullwidth banner or slider. Here you can see how they look like on Daily-Events and decide which one, or several, will fit your needs most:

Front Page Main Banner - 920 x 100

Average Reach: [soon] Average Clicks: [soon] Average CTR: [soon]

Daily-Events Front Page Main Banner is one of the most reachable placements of all. It has 920×100 pixels dimensions and face everyone in the middle of the website front page, which give it strong ability to deliver great advertising effect to all Daily-Events visitors

Front Page Bottom Banner - Fullwidth Image

Average Reach: [soon] Average Clicks: [soon] Average CTR: [soon]

Daily-Events Front Page Bottom Banner is a big guy. Like The Incredible Hulk from Avengers Team. It is fullwidth, which is big,  and green. So it delivers extremely high advertising effect and experience. As soon as you choose this placement for your offer, you can be sure that no one will pass it

Event Page Sidebar Slider - 500 x 600

Average Reach: [soon] Average Clicks: [soon] Average CTR: [soon]

Daily-Events Event Page Sidebar Slider is one of a kind. It delivers experience that is different from other placements. It slides, so you can make a small story from your offer. This placement has 500×600 pixels dimensions, so there is enough space to make a great offer, because it could be 2, 3, 4 or more slides

Event Page Sidebar Banner - 500 x 600

Average Reach: [soon] Average Clicks: [soon] Average CTR: [soon]

Daily-Events Event Page Sidebar Banner follows every single website visitor, because it is shown on every event page, so it has a high reachable ability and massive advertising effect as well. Like Daily-Events Event Page Sidebar Slider it has 500×600 dimensions and looks good on every device