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    My world crashed, Omotola tells her COVID-19 story

    Says: We’re in remission, taking another test soon as hope rises

    Barely a week after she revealed on her Instagram page that she has tested positive for coronavirus, screen diva, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, has recovered from the deadly disease.

    The 42-year-old actress made this known yesterday, on the popular filmmakers’ WhatsApp group, Filmic, while reacting to the debate on how Nollywood can adhere strictly to the health guidelines of COVID-19, before reopening productions.

    Sharing her experience on the group, Omosexy as she’s popularly called, said she was treated by the No1 infectious decease doctors.

    According to her, the doctors said many people are infected with the virus because there’s no widespread testing, and as such, whenever they feel unwell they attribute it to malaria, diarrhea among other ailments.

    On how she contracted the disease, the mother of four children, said she started feeling unwell after she left a movie set on Monday, August 3, 2020.

    She narrates: “I hardly fall ill and so when I left the set and started having chills the next day or so, I knew something wasn’t right. I thought it might be stress. This was on Monday, August 3. I waited till Tuesday and it got worse. I was shaking uncontrollably and my temperature was going through the roof.”

    “My spirit told me immediately, this is not malaria or fever. I have been extremely careful and paranoid about this COVID-19 stuff. So I told hubby I needed to be tested immediately. I have a son that has Asthma!”

    “They came to test me on Wednesday and my result came out on Thursday evening … Positive.

    My world crashed. I felt crazy and empty.”

    “My symptoms were high fever and chills… luckily no other. But it was so bad, they contemplated coming to evacuate me as my viral loaf was high and I wasn’t getting better … but God arose for me.

    I went into isolation immediately. We got my result but my daughter started feeling funny.”

    “So they had to come test the whole family … I had infected my daughter and asthmatic son !

    My God showed up for me as my son is asymptotic, so positive but not sick ! My daughter lost her smell and taste and had severe diarrhea. All has stopped now, thank God.”

    “My husband and last son tested negative respectively. We are all now in remission … taking another test soon.”

    “It’s physically, spiritually and emotionally exhausting as the doctors tell you it’s a 50/50 chance . Nothing you do really saves you . You can only take the vitamins, manage the symptoms and hope your body fights,” the admirable actress narrates.

    Omotola said her biggest worry at the moment is the movie industry, adding that COVID-19 is real.

    “Please this thing is real and we must come together to find the safest way to work and protect ourselves,” the actress added.

    Omosexy said many people are in denial and that’s very dangerous. “I was one of the most careful persons you’d ever meet concerning COVID-19. Imagine if I believed because of that I couldn’t have been infected… I wish I wasn’t … but I was … I could have been going out and kept on infecting others,” Omotola said.




    Oh, I wish you all safe recovering from the covid.


    Thank God for healing them


    So many people do not have access to test, any time they fall sick, they attribute it to malaria. Malaria has been there, it has been killing people. But never show much interest. The Covid 19 started hitting them, they shut the economy.


    Congratulations to omosexy, we must see the end of corona virus.


    This should be a terrible experience! Thank God you are healed. Congratulations!


    Thank God for healing the family.


    The experience is a very terrible one. It is not easy going through such terrible health challenge. But the good side of the whole thing is that the family has been heald of the deadly disease called coronavirus.

    Thank God Gudwin

    Am so happy because after everything they are healed so celebrate God

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