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    Many peoples are ignorant of making money through crowd 1, an online networking and marketing company that combines crowd marketing and online marketing to create residual income for its members. It is a Platform that leverages on crowd economy and social networking space.

    They leverage on people’s hobbies like games, bets, etc to create wealth.

    Crowd 1 rewards it’s members for joining the platform. The rewards may become millions in the nearest future.

    There are 4 packages of which you can chose any of the packages that suit your investment ability. You can invest in any of the any of the following packages;
    White package with N50,000 only.
    Black package with N150,000 only.
    Gold package with N400,000 only.
    Titanium package with N1.2m only.

    Any of the package will give you its equivalent shares. The reward on all the packages varies because you earn according to your investment. The reward on N50,000 cannot be the same with N1.2m. But you are entitled to reward at end of every quarter.

    You can invest without referring members if you don’t want to refer people, or you can also be an investor and a marketer (networker). Both categories earn but networkers earn more.

    Because crowd1 is a global market, as soon as you join, millions of people joining after you from all over the globe are under you and you earn small cents on them which amount to millions within the shortest possible time. More than a million members are already under me within weeks of my registration. This will be displayed for you to see the number and their countries of origin in your back office.

    You claim your reward as a registered member and a non-networker every Wednesday on Crowd 1 reward. The reward is dependent on the package you bought.

    Those who joined with N50,000 will gets 2.5 euros to 15 euros every Wednesday.
    N150,000 gets 75 euro, 1.2m gets 2500 euro every Wednesday. All you need to do is every Wednesday, login and claim your reward for the week. These rewards will be accumulating and the company will pay you a dividend at the end of every quarter.

    As a networker, there are so many earnings in crowd 1, all you need is to register two persons, one left and one right because it is a binary system. As they refer theirs or you keep on referring, you are already a millionaire. Crowd 1 is not into the balancing of legs. They pay you on your bigger leg unlike other companies.

    As a crowd 1 networker, each person you refers joining with N50,000 pairs your binary legs and you earn N18,000 (that is 36 euro) instantly in your account. You earn N56,000 when you register a member with N150,000.You also earn N144,000 when you register a member with N400,000 while registering a member N1,200,000 you N450,000.

    There is also earning of monthly profit shares which comes according to your network level. You can earn as much as N300,000, N500,000, N1,000,000 or N2,000,000 monthly depending on the activities in your network.

    As an investor you also earn 10% of the total earnings of your downlines to the 5th generation even if you resign from this business.

    There is also an affiliate bonus earnings. You must not build the two legs before you make earnings. You earn on your stronger leg. Just build one leg and you will be earning. That’s why even if you don’t know how to refer if your upline builds one leg for you, you also earn with little effort on the other side of your leg.

    Another earning is fear of loss bonus. All you needs to do is to introduce four members within the first 14 days of joining.

    You earn N62,000 if they join with N50,000 each. You earn N187,000 if they join with N150,000 each. You earn N500,000 if they join with N400,000 each. And you earn N1,500,000 they join with N1,200,000 each. But if they join with mixed packages, you earn on the least package.

    Crowd 1 is so simple that you don’t need to work under pressure before you start making earnings. Nobody monitors or controls you in this business, no target, no goods to sell, you don’t need a shop, all you need is to become a networker with your smartphone and introduce people. You can join and be enjoying earnings and benefits as others networks.

    You must make payment for the package you are investing within 9 days after your registration. You will be block if you fail to pay into the account within the stipulated time.

    Crowd 1 is different from every other networking business, it is opportunity you have been waiting for. Join now let’s do it together to alleviate poverty.

    To join call, text, WhatsApp me on +2348033220363. You will be coached and guided to make your money.

    Registering through us will be advantage as we have broad network that can assist you to register people under you.



    Loveline Chioma

    I am already in crowd 1 making my money. It is good.

    Zongo Happy

    This is interesting but I surely needs more explanations.


    Is there any website which I can  register crowd 1, I  want to have the account? Direct me pls!


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>@Zongo, pls chat me on WhatsApp 08033220363.</p>

    , chat me up, I will register you.

    Chioma Loveline

    I encourage members to join crowd1 because it is paying. I joined since April and I enjoying it. I can register any interested person.

    Sunday Chinwe

    You people have come again with another MMM

    Franklin Onyedika



    @Sunday, This is not mmm, you can google what crowd 1 is about.

    , if you are interested, chat me on +2348033220363.

    Sunday Chinwe

    Somebody should explain this to me if it is not another MMM.

    Alumona Jane

    Many ways to kill a rat. Explain more


    This sound so good. I heard crowd 1 is a very good platform that draft

    Mercy Chinedu

    Like seriously please hope this is not mmm alot is happening now

    Mercy Chinedu

    All the same we want to make it shaa pls more explanation

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