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    Nigerian students sponsored abroad in 2018 for further studies by the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) are currently holding a fresh protest over the non-release of funds for their scholarship for two years after being verified twice.

    The 94 scholars bearing placards with various inscriptions in front of the Nigeria High Commission in London and official duties at the commission is currently standstill.

    The aggrieved students told Channels Television that the non-payment of their fees has exposed them to numerous dangers including the COVID-19 virus as some of them have to work in care homes to raise funds.

    “We are here to protest the non-payment of our school fees and allowance for the past two years. We have carried out a series of protests at this embassy but unfortunately, there was no positive response from the NDDC.

    “They said our payment will be made by October 12th after the verification exercise has been concluded. From then till now, our tuition fees and upkeep have not been paid. They keep promising us on a weekly basis. We are tired of all these fake promises,” one of the scholars, Femi, told Channels Television.

    The scholars lamented that due to the nonpayment of their fees, they live from hand to mouth and depend on menial jobs for funding.

    The scholars appealed that the Federal Government use presidential authority to demand that the NDDC pay 2018 NDDC scholarship students




    How can we send a man to war front with out support, we send our children over there to study but now we are displaying  that we can not afford to pay their fees, then why did we send them

    Mercy Chinedu

    Giving them scholarship don’t. Mean you can’t take care of them


    There is a saying that hungry man is an angry man.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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